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Our Products

Find your top quality incontinence product The simplicity of our line of products is its strength, the discretion of our products is an asset. Get Protection & comfort at a fair price.

VIEDERA : incontinence products.

We offer our customers quality products at affordable prices. Our brand of Protective Underwear and protective layers. Aniva ™ is one of the most qualitative products on the market. Combining design and quality, our products are the very best in the field of incontinence.

At VIEDERA, we believe that every client is important and deserves the best service and the best products available. Our team will offer you outstanding customer service.

Our Brand

ANIVA : live comfortablyAniva ™ is a trademark of Protective Underwear and protective diapers helping people with incontinence to regain their freedom.Aniva ™ has been designed to help active people and people with reduced mobility suffuring from incontinence. Aniva ™ offers a variety of sizes and absorption rate to meet the different needs of our customers. Doing so we are helping people to live their quality of life by giving them security and insurance.

Trust & Affordability

With a personalized service, we love to develop a trust based relationship with our clients.

We will always offer competitive prices to our clients.